Neo Humanistic Education – Online Summer Camp

Come summer and kids get excited about the summer holidays, whichever part of the globe they are in. Parents gets busy planning fun outings, vacation travel or getting kids registered with the favorite summer camp around the area, off course all guided by the budget they can keep aside for summer activities.

But past one year has been different due to ongoing pandemic which has restricted outings and community activities, especially in India which is amongst worst hit by the pandemic. Ananda Marga Gurukula took this challenging situation as an opportunity to gift the children and their parents with a global Neo Humanistic Education online Summer Camp aimed at introducing Neo Humanism to kids of age group 5 – 10 years through a series of twelve online sessions, which included fun activities such as art & craft, dance & music, yoga-asanas, Sanskrit slokas based learning and fun games. These sessions were accessible to kids across the globe through a simple online registration process at a modest fee of Rs.350 ( approx. $5.00) for twelve sessions!

Summer Camp Poster
Pranab & Reetu conducting online summer camp; in this leg of the session encouraging kids to come up with ideas on how to help a friend stuck on an island
Speaking to kids about Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.

Kids from India, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, total 44 in numbers, joined the online sessions and thoroughly enjoyed. The program extended from April 24th to May 30th on weekends. It spun around the theme of moving together a a part of bigger family, our planet Earth; on speaking truth; on thinking good; sharing and caring and other topics based on moral intelligence. The mode of teachings was through games, songs, short stories, crafts and experiments. Kids loved the and learnt songs such as “I Love This Tiny Green Island”, “Samgacchadhvam Samvadadhvam”, “Lets Move Together, Help Each Other”, etc.

There has been overwhelming response form all the participants and their parents. Some of their responses are as follows.

Ashriya Ahmed: “I am so moved by your moral teaching session that I want to join and be part of your
Sumitra R Rao: “Classes are very well structured and going well, nice to be part of NHE program.”
Saraswati Singh: “Thanks for organizing, the kids are learning values.”

Crafts made by children during summer camp: