Welcome to Ánandanagar !

It is my honour to welcome you all to the land which was blessed by Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji and who spent many days and nights providing the detailed planning for a city of the future. Anandanagar represents the best of human traditions for the welfare of the planet Earth and the entire civilisation. Founded in 1962, Anandanagar is a sleeping beauty. Come and explore the secrets hidden in Anandanagar.

Anandanagar Campus is the global headquarters of Ananda Marga Gurukula. On October 20,1990, the founder of Gurukula composed his last song #5019 on Gurukula. Prof. Shaman Hatley has been kind to provide the english translation of the song.

Ámrá gaŕe noba Gurukul;
Jiṋáner áloke ráuṋiye
Doba pratit́i kuṋŕi phul.

Keha ná thákibe dúre,
Bájába pratit́i táre;
Báṋdhiba priitiri d́ore
E mańiháre atul.

Keha ná thákibe piche,
T́heli ná káreo niice;
Sabe átmiiya viráje
Manomájhe dodul dul.

We will establish Gurukula;
we will make every bud and flower glow
with the light of knowledge.

No one shall remain distant;
we will sound every string of the lyre.
We will unite all with the thread of love
in this incomparable jewel garland.

No one shall be left behind;
we will push no one down low.
All are one family
with minds swaying in gentle harmony.