Audio -2023

Neo Humanistic Education Online Summer Camp “Healthy me Happy Me” for kids (age group 5 to 11 years) organized from May 2nd to May 30th, 2023. The audio album has 10 songs based on the theme of “Yama and Niyama”. The songs have been written by Reetu Singh while music has been composed and played by Pranab Kumar. The copyright of these songs belongs to Ananda Marga Gurukula.

Manovákkáyaeh sarvabhútá námapiidá namahiḿsá.
What is AHIḾSÁ?
Think good, feel good,when at home ,school park or woods
Don’t hurt anyone by thoughts,words or actions
Save those who are right and have good intentions
Plants and animals also have life
They make us healthy and keep us alive
Before you kill an animal, you need to think twice
Can you be healthy while they are still alive

Parahitártham váunmanoso yathárthatvam satyam.
What is SATYA?
Using ones mind to judge right or wrong
And then speaking for the wellness of one and all.
Each word we speak is like a magic spell
It can change our surroundings to heaven or hell
Never lie to cover ones mistake
A lie is not a lie for welfare sake

Paradravyápaharańo tyágo’steyam.
What is ASTEYA?
Taking things without permission of other
Even the thought of stealing from one-another
Not letting one have what one really should
Even the thought of that is not at all good
Remove the greed inside you right away
The feeling of non-stealing is Astey

Brahmańi vicarańam iti Brahmacaryam”
All creatures live on earth are of different shapes and size
But inside us all there is only one that resides
We all are inside him, even the universe is within
All creatures and creations are the different forms of him
I am brahma and so are you, the action performed is brahma too

Deharakśá atirikta bhogasádhanásviikaro’ parigraha
For survival we should have only what we need
Keeping more than what you need is nothing but greed
Snatching from all and not giving them their share
And becoming richer when the poor is dying everywhere
Aparigraha is sacrificing comfort for welfare of everyone
Ensuring there is food, clothes, medicine, books and shelter for everyone

To keep ones body -mind healthy and pure
To tidy up our body clothes surroundings for sure
To use cleaners body shampoo water or soap
For mind we should always try to fill it with hope
Think about others as you think of your self
Don’t have bad thoughts for good mental health

To be content and happy with what you have
Running after material things makes your mind and body sad
Always speak to your mind and say it good good things
Good books good friends and good habits makes you a happy being
Santosh is peace and satisfaction of mind
Not wasting your energy, in the greed of any kind.

Working hard to reach ones goal
For students should study with their hearts and soul
Tapah is like helping all, and in return seeking nothing at all
Helping others with no gain, Removing others troubles, by taking some pain

Read a moral story everyday
And try to understand what it says
Think how to put it in our daily habit
And make ourselves better bit by bit

We have come from our supreme father and in Him will we go.
Just as plants grow from seeds and become seeds which we sow.
The water from the river becomes steam and then rain drops, it rains back into the river with bubbles that pops.
We are created by our Supreme father in different forms and ways,
He will take us in His sweet lap sooner someday.
Yes we are the sons and daughters of the same Supreme father, we are one inseperable family , and will merge in Him one day.