Global Online Sharing on the eve of 30th anniversary of AMGK took place on September 6th,2020.

A followup Online Global Conference on “Neohumanist Solutions for a World in Crisis” took place on December 11-14th,2020 with over a thousand participants from 83 countries. Over 70 presenters from around the globe shared their wisdom in 33 different sessions covering different disciplines. Among keynote speakers included Professor Sohail Inayatullah, Professor Ravi Batra, Prof. Marcus Bussey, Dr Sid Jordan, Didi Ananda Rama, Dr. Aditya Mohanty and scores of other luminaries. The recorded sessions are available for revisiting via .

Online Classes at Education Training Camps was held on December 1-19th,2020. Kulapati of Ananda Marga Gurukula gave two classes on the “Role of Neohumanist Education in the Post Pandemic Era.”

Ácarya Shambhushivánanda Avadhúta spoke to Mexico audience on “Morality, Intuition and Life Divine” on December 27,2020.