About Us

AMGK (Ananda Marga Gurukula) is an educational initiative to bring spiritual, ecological and moral perspective into education. Its educational philosophy is called Neohumanist Education propounded by Shrii P.R.Sarkar. It rests on the holistic understanding of human mind as consisting of six kosas(layers) viz., annamaya kośa, kamamaya kośa, manomaya kośa, atimánas kośa, vijinamaya kośa, hiranmaya kośa. The educational pedagogy is designed to develop all the six kośas. The goal of education is : Sá Vidyá Yá Vimuktaye: Knowledge for all-round liberation. Knowing oneself is the real-knowledge. There are hundreds of schools in India spread out throughout India. Schools are run by neohumanist teachers who embody the values of neohumanism in their life and character.

Ref: Mind Grows in Magnitude by Shri P.R.Sarkar, RU Presidential Address, June 2,1990 Anandanagar.

On October 20,1990, Shrii Sarkar composed a song for Gurukula with the following meaning:

We will establish the Gurukul. 
We will dye each and every bud with the light of knowledge.
No one shall remain distant;
we will sound every string of the lyre.
We will bind everybody with the thread of love and create 
a garland of incomparable beauty.
No one shall be left behind;
none will be pushed to the bottom
All will exist as kith and kin 
with their minds full of sweetness and tenderness for all.